Immigration and Border Security:

Securing our border and addressing those who are already in this country illegally must be one of our top priorities. Washington has failed time and time again to secure the border and enforce the immigration laws already on the books. As a result, Texas must do what it can to secure the border and turn off the magnets that draw and reward illegal immigration. It is the responsibility of those we send to Austin to put the safety and security of Texans first.

Our state law-makers must:

  • Ensure adequate resources are devoted to securing our border, to keep individuals from entering our state illegally, not merely apprehending individuals after they have already entered illegally;
  • End taxpayer subsidies like in-state college tuition for those here illegally; and
  • Resist efforts to provide drivers licenses to those here illegally.

As a Christian, I believe we are morally obligated to defend and protect innocent human life from conception to natural death. We must create and promote a culture of life in Texas. Defending and protecting all human life is the measure of a society’s moral standing — Texas must continue leading in this effort. If we don’t protect life, what is the point of everything else? We can and must do more to promote life and end abortion in Texas.

Our state lawmakers should:

  • End the flow of taxpayer dollars to for-profit entities that perform elective abortions; and
  • Ensure that individuals and families (not doctors and hospitals) maintain control over end of life decisions.
The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment specifically states that every American has the right to, “keep and bear arms”. Today, liberals are fighting tirelessly to take that right away. Washington’s response to the tragedies happening around our country is to create more “gun free zones” or to try and ban guns altogether. I believe there is a direct correlation between gun free zones, where we are disarming law abiding citizens, and expanded opportunities for criminals to create more catastrophes.

Those that shouldn’t have access to firearms will always find a way to get their hands on them and we should not punish law-abiding citizens as a reaction. The Second Amendment secures our God given right to protect and defend ourselves. Texas must lead the nation in defending and promoting our Second Amendment rights.

I support:

  • Reducing and eventually eliminating the requirement for law abiding citizens to obtain a permit from the government in order to exercise their Second Amendment rights;
  • Phasing out and eventually eliminating “gun-free zones”;
  • Reducing current fees to obtain a carry permit; and
  • Ensuring that merely exercising one’s Second Amendment rights is not probable cause for a law enforcement officer to detain an individual.
Taxes and Spending Reform:

  • Texas is blessed with a good economy that continues to flourish. Texas does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.
  • In the Texas legislature, we have seen an increase in spending on unnecessary programs and projects, which are not related to core functions of government. These expenditures grow the size and scope of government.
  • As your representative, my job will be to limit the growth of government and fight for a state budget that prioritizes the core, constitutional functions of government.

We should create and promote an atmosphere in which all Texans can receive an education which prepares them for whatever future they choose to pursue. When it comes to education, our goal should be to give options and control to parents and local school districts.

We should fully fund education, while also ensuring that we are holding our public schools accountable for the education they are providing. This means making sure that our teachers are adequately incentivized by merit-based pay. Students should be able to attend the school that best suits their needs and pushes them towards success, whether it is a public school, a private school, a charter school, or a homeschool environment.

Role of Government:

Our government has become an intrusive and over-reaching entity that has neglected many of its primary responsibilities. While at the same time, government is getting involved in many projects and areas of our lives where it was never intended to act under our State and Federal Constitutions.

For example, the government was established to uphold the Constitution and protect its citizens by securing our borders. It should ensure we are able to maintain our inalienable rights with a fair judicial system and that we can defend ourselves and our freedom from those who would want to take it. Today, we see that the protective measure of checks and balances put in place by the Constitution so that government would be constrained from infringing on the rights of states and citizens has been diminished. It is time that we reign in and constrain government to its intended purposes.