Why I Am Running

jonathan-boosI am running for State Representative from Texas House District 113 because our district needs a principled, consistent, conservative voice in Austin. The state of Texas should be leading our nation on host of issues that include preserving life, standing for 2nd Amendment freedoms, educating with excellence, reforming and minimizing taxes and spending, and preserving the sovereignty of our state.

However, District 113’s current representative has become part of the problem in Austin. She has voted for and supported Speaker Joe Straus and a leadership team in Austin that not only fails to advance the conservative legislation Texas voters support, but that has also actively opposed, stymied or neutered conservative legislation that has passed out of the Texas Senate.

I will take the same stances in Austin as I take on the campaign trail, and I won’t be pressured by lobbyists or the current leadership group in Austin to go along just so we can get along. I will not compromise the conservative beliefs and principles that I hold dear, even if it means I lose the Austin-based popularity contest.

I will be a voice and a vote for change, and will take the principled stands to help advance and pass conservative legislation that reduces government’s impact on our lives, protects individual liberties, and allows the citizens of our state Texas to thrive.